WGEO as Partnership Enabler

The pathway to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlights the importance of partnerships considered an enabling practice of the development agenda (SDG 17). To this end, active engagement of a solid multi-stakeholder partnership base and leverage of partners’ capacity represent a successful paradigm to create scalable green economy solutions that would go beyond business as usual.

A growing number of private and public green economy-inspired initiatives are addressing sustainability challenges; WGEO aims to become an international platform catalysing change and driving creation of coalitions that enable economic growth and limit environmental damage, enhancing social inclusion and creation of jobs.
WGEO sees the challenge represented by managing diverse nature of the stakeholders as opportunity enabling the Organisation to facilitate a broad range of green projects in all the phases, channelling the knowledge and expertise of various constituencies to deliver projects that are low-carbon, economically sustainable and socially inclusive.

Collaboration among businesses, investors, public institutions, academia and civil society not only has the potential of being a game-changing factor but is now more and more seen as a necessary shift of paradigm to achieve the ambitious targets of the Paris Agreement. In its mandate, WGEO commits to manage the complexity of the multi-stakeholder partnership while building knowledge and capacity. WGEO enables partnerships, bringing together various actors from different sectors with skills and resources.

Recognising the strength of each constituency, WGEO intends to facilitate the collaboration between the members enabling each partner to make its unique contribution to the concrete green economy projects based on core business and competencies while balancing the interests of the other partners.

The partnership approach practised by WGEO focuses on identifying capacities and resources within each partner, connect them with other constituencies to address the green economy challenge and enable scale.